Implementing Virtuous CRM helps you manage donor relationships and grow your nonprofit organization

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Virtuous CRM

Virtuous CRM is the only responsive fundraising platform designed to help nonprofit teams build better donor relationships and increase impact with confidence. Mayflower Creative comes alongside nonprofits that are using the Virtuous CRM software, providing additional training, resources, and best practices. Our goal is to help nonprofits leverage technology to do more good in the world!

Software Implementation

Our team works with your staff during the Virtuous CRM implementation process, assisting with technical questions and providing best practices.

Staff Training

Once your system is set up, we create training resources specific to your setup. This ensures that your current staff is equipped to use the system and future staff will have resources available to simplify their onboarding.

Building Workflows & Automations

Virtuous CRM can save hours of work every week if you utilize the system automation features in it. We help set up your automations for tedious tasks so your staff can focus on the things that matter the most.

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