Frequently Asked Questions

Pay as you go
This is best for organizations that have a limited set of needs. If you’re just looking for an overall audit of your database and for a few automations to be built while staying within a specified budget, this is likely the best option. 

Virtuous Priority Support
This is best for organizations that need quick answers to questions throughout the month and need more in-depth support than Virtuous is able to provide.

Monthly Retainer
This is best for organizations that need a part-time Virtuous specialist on their team. You get several hours of Zoom training or work in the system (building automations, writing queries, etc), as well as quick Virtuous support.

Something else
Need something more customized than the other options? Let’s chat!

Because we work exclusively with nonprofit organizations, our pricing is built to reflect that. We do not currently offer any additional discounts. 

Virtuous CRM has an excellent support team, but they are not always able to answer detailed questions specific to the way you use Virtuous at your organization. We are able to review queries, reports, and automations to ensure everything is functioning as expected, provide best practices on how to use different features, answer questions related to your specific use-case, and provide customized video walkthroughs to show you where to click or explain how to use a specific feature. 

For bug fixes and feature requests, we’ll work with Virtuous Support on your behalf. 

Email and SMS support is truly unlimited! You can ask as many questions as needed!

If you’re looking for training sessions or just want to ask questions face-to-face, Zoom calls can be scheduled anytime with the “pay-as-you-go” rate.


Regular meetings with your staff for 3 months

  • Virtuous helps you migrate your existing data into their platform and provides some basic initial training. We build on that and help you customize your Virtuous database to fit your exact needs, create training resources based on your workflows, and provide advice and best practices to help you optimize your systems. We’ll even build your automations for you!

Work through the Responsive Fundraising Playbook

  • Looking to get the most out of Virtuous? We’ll walk through a resource called the Responsive Fundraising Playbook to create a strategic fundraising plan that is tailored to your organization — and then we’ll help you build it!

In-depth training on the Virtuous platform

  • We create training resources specific to your setup. This ensures that your current staff is equipped to use the system and future staff will have resources available to simplify their onboarding.

Custom-built automations for your organization

  • Virtuous CRM can save hours of work every week if you utilize the system automation features in it. We help set up your automations for tedious tasks so your staff can focus on the things that matter the most.

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