Understand your marketing impact and optimize your communication efforts with analytics and A/B testing

Analytics & Optimization

How do you know what drives newsletter signups or donations? You have limited time and resources to create website content and fundraising campaigns. Wouldn’t it be great if you could track impact in real time, run A/B experiments directly on your website, and use the data from your testing to help optimize future fundraising efforts? That is where analytics and optimization comes in. Using tools like Google Analytics and Google Optimize, you can make sure that you’re maximizing your ROI.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to do more than simply view traffic to your site. Create donation funnels, analyze referral/advertising traffic, measure conversions, create custom audiences, and much more.

Test & Learn

Experiments are only useful if there is a way to learn from them. Using tools like WinstonKnows (a project of NextAfter), you can record the results of your experiments and use the knowledge learned to continue refining your campaigns.

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