Our data migration service helps you move your existing donor data into Virtuous CRM, allowing you to retain historical information and feel confident in your new database.

Data Migration

You’ve made the decision to choose a new CRM, spent countless hours researching and sitting through product demos, presented your recommendation to your team, and got approval to move ahead. Before you can start using your new database, though, you need to get all of your existing data moved over. This can be a daunting process!

Mayflower Creative is a certified Virtuous CRM solutions partner that specializes in data migrations services. We work with your team to understand your existing data so we can move it over to your new Virtuous database. 

Data Review

We know that every organization and database is different. While we have experience in many different CRM systems, we take extra time with your team to make sure we understand how your data is structured to ensure it is migrated as completely and effectively as possible.

Test Database

No matter how much time we spending working with your team and learning about your data structure, we know there are going to be issues with your migrated data. This is a normal part of the migration process. We give you a test database so you can review, submit any changes that need to be made, and rest assured that your final database will be error-free.

Jonathan was absolutely fantastic!

He was contracted to complete a data migration process for my organization, and was absolutely amazing! He stayed on top of the details, delivered an outstanding result, troubleshoot our problems with simple, creative solutions, adjusted to our accelerated timeline, completed the work before the deadline, responded quickly and thoughtfully to questions from our team, and was patient with our learning curve. He did everything in his power to make sure that we had what we needed to move forward, and went the extra mile to provide us with resources to set us up for success. We're so grateful to him for being such a kind and knowledgable guide through this process.

Highly highly recommend working with Jonathan!

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